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There is no doubt that one of the most expensive items you will buy for your newborn will be baby cribs. Furniture tends to be very costly as a rule and to avoid being stuck with an item you can’t use, it is essential that you take the time to explore the options you have to find the best baby cribs available to you. It is the intent here to provide you with sound information that will help you to make an educated choice if the DaVinci Kalani convertible baby crib is among the best choices for you, or if it might be a consideration you want to think twice about.

DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib Product Features and Specifications

  • 4 Different Mattress Spring Levels to Adjust to the Growth of Your Child.
  • Product is 54.5″x34.5″x42″
  • DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib Weights approx 68 pounds
  • Can convert to a normal child’s bed with additional add-ons that can be purchased separately.
  • Espresso Finish on New Zealand Pine
  • Meets All Federal Safety Regulations

The Reviews

There are a series of reviews for the DaVinci Kalani convertible baby crib. One of the most commonly praised aspects on this crib is the fact that it is a sturdy option. Users praised it for being able to handle general use, without the fear of it coming down with their infant inside. In fact, the hardware is an important part of baby cribs. Furniture tends to be dicey at times, but there were no reported problems with this piece. There was, however, a concern on the finish that was brought up as many reviewers were concerned with how easily scratched this unit could be. In some cases, a single nick with a fingernail was reported to leave a decent indention in the surface due to a softer covering being used. Although there were several reviewers who didn’t notice this problem at all, the actual results were mixed, making the determination on this aspect questionable for the best baby cribs.

Another big plus for the DaVinci Kalani convertible baby crib is the fact that it is easy to put together, according to a number of different reviewers. While visually it appears to be very complex, users were raving about how easy it was to assemble and how they could quickly move on to other tasks when they were finished. One reviewer even mentioned being able to put together the crib and two dressers in as little as 10 hours. Another reviewer then commented that the crib alone only took around 2 hours to fully build and setup in the nursery. This is a very quick turnaround time that certainly will be useful for those who are pressed for time, but need to ensure that their child has a safe place to sleep at night as well. More importantly, the adjustments on this crib are easily done as well, so a person can potentially continue to make adjustments as their child grows, without a lengthy battle updating the crib on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that there is a need for baby cribs. Furniture in the child’s room will not only need to be functional, but it needs to be visually appealing as well. Especially when you are paying top dollar, you want the look that comes from the best baby cribs. Many reviewers raved about the overall look of this crib and were pleasantly surprised with how well it fit into the d├ęcor of their room. The visual appeal also allowed them to create a room that was warm and welcoming for all that entered the room, not just their baby. Overall, many people were left satisfied with their choice and continued to rave on the visual appeal of this piece and none seemed disappointed with it, although even with the color options that some did feel were a bit limited.

The DaVinci Kalani convertible baby crib is among the best baby crib options available. This crib comes designed with a sturdy structure and slots that are small enough to prevent your infant from sliding between them and becoming injured. With a high quality wood exterior, it is visually appealing and offers a unique design that will fit in many homes.

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